Natural means healthy!

Our Mateine does not contain artificial flavours
or any other additions of synthetic origin.

MATEINE - Strong Paraguayan Yerba Mate. It is an everyday source of natural caffeine and a big dose of energy. Thousands of fans have trusted us.

Mateine Caffeine+
Mateine Guarana
Mateine Ashwagandha
Mateine Bálsamo De Kiwi
Mateine Espino Amarillo
Mateine Naranja Limón
Mateine Piña Naranja
Mateine Madreselva Con Anis

A big group of our clients are people of big energy demand. For these clients it is simple: coffee and carbonated energy drinks are the past. People who turn to yerba mate are sportsmen, doctors, computer scientists, businessmen, members of local government, students, drivers and gamers.
Join them yourself!

Highly stimulating

Small amount of this yerba will set you up for several hours!

High content of yerba in yerba

For real gourmets who like strong, bitter taste.

Boosts energy

Ideal for a night car drive or before training.

Facilitates concentration

Will improve your concentration at work or during learning.

Distinct smoky aroma

Dried in an Indian way has a classic tobacco aroma.

High caffeine content

Owes its action to high content of alkaloids: caffeine, theobromine and theophylline.

Our other brands

We place importance on classic and believe in traditional methods of yerba mate production. Our brand Mateine is a great expression of it and a tribute to the cradle of holly – Paraguay. It is where our drought comes from – intense, aromatic and processed with fire method, that is by careful drying of leaves and twigs above fire. Thanks to this, Mateine has in its taste and action exactly what connoisseurs of yerba mate like the most: intense smoky bitterness, strong stimulation and a choice between pure drought and yerba with addition of fruits or herbs.
The best known xanthine alkaloid – caffeine – is present in yerba mate and is traditionally named “mateine”. This is where the name of our brand Mateine comes from. It is a kind of mate coming from Paraguay and expressing the yerba tradition of this country as well as fullness of power energizing entire organism. Mateine is really stimulating, unmatched and intense in taste yerba mate. The process of production provides increased dose of caffeine in infusion and multiple extraction (flooding) of drought without losing the smoky aroma and bitterness.
Let yourself be taken away into a world of energy, sharpened perception, to a juicy rainforest – a few sips of our stimulating yerba mate Mateine will be enough. Except of classic drought in Paraguayan style we propose yerba with addition of herbs, dried fruits and natural flavours. The compositions have been elaborated so as to strengthen and underline not only the energizing potential of yerba mate but also its health-improving properties. Besides, Mateine with herbs is also depth of taste saturated with minerals, exotic notes and South American sun!

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